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Sheep Casings - Quality

Gh. R. Mehrali, the managing director, has selected suppliers in person and at their location. Their experts with many years of experience ensure an optimum degree of quality.

In addition, the managing director monitors the upkeep of the strict laws of hygiene in the sorting plants on his regular visits to the Middle and Central East. Once in Germany, the sheep casings are once more subjected to close inspection. Here the sheep Casings are strictly sorted into A, B and C quality categories.

Category "A" indicates a sheep's guts revealing no holes or other weaknesses and it is only "A" quality that can for example be used in the manufacturing of "Frankfurter" sausages. "B" quality indicates a sheep casing which can only be qualified if it proves to have an acceptable degree of strength and quality.

It is not just the rulings regarding hygiene that ensure a high measure of quality but also the demands imposed by industry and that require in particularly that sheep's guts can be guaranteed to withstand automatic filling procedures. Regular clients won within a short period of time can confirm that the "Interma" sheep's guts prove to be of excellent quality.

A brief comment regarding colour ...

The colouring of the sheep casings can differ depending on country of origin and indeed region. The range of colouration extends from white to grey. This in fact means that the mere appearance of the sheep casing does not disclose any information regarding quality, condition, permeability to smoke etc. or processing criteria.