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Sheep Casings - Usage

Sheep casings is the most delicate and thinnest of all natural casings. Sheep casings are considered to be particularly well suited to filling and are therefore of particular interest and use in industry.

The thinnest part of the sheep casings known as "saitling" as it was also used for making strings for musical instruments. (Saiten = strings). The "saitling" is, for example, used to make sausages for grilling and frying, Wiener (Viennese sausages), Knacker, Frankfurters, pork sausage, Debreczin and Cipollata sausages.

After the small intestine (saitling) the following sections of the gut are known as: bung, middle casing, fat end. The last section of the gut, i.e. the fatend, is mostly used as a skin for liver or blood sausage. The colouring of the sheep casings can differ depending on country of origin and indeed region. The range of colouration extends from white to grey. This in fact means that the mere appearance of sheep gut does not disclose any information regarding quality, condition, permeability to smoke etc. or processing criteria.